The new Grinnell CS web site is currently under (re-)development.
Please excuse the simple design, the missing or incomplete pages, infelicities in writing, and such.
Stay tuned for our new site, coming in Fall Term 2.

Front Door

Welcome to the Web presence of Grinnell College’s Department of Computer Science. We’ve had a Web presence for almost as long as there’s been a Web. As you may be able to tell, our current site is undergoing some redesign and resturcturing. If you can’t find something, email the Chair, Sam Rebelsky at

In addition to this site, which contains information primarily of interest to current and past students and faculty, you may want to explore the CS pages on the College’s primary server, which are primarily intended for prospective students, and the CS entry in the College Catalog.

The CS department maintains a mailing list and a Microsoft Teams Team. Contact the Chair for information on joining them.

Recent news and updates

Learning from CS Alumni—Ajuna Kyaruzi '17 and Toby Baratta '17


As you may have seen, the CS department is sponsoring a one-credit course this fall called “Learning from CS Alumni”. The course involves talks from CS Alumni, with each alum giving a pair of talks, one on a topic they think you will find valuable, one on their career trajectory from before Grinnell to the present. The talks will be followed by a Q&A session. Learning from CS Alumni meets every Tuesday in Fall Term 1 from 7:00-8:50 p.m. CDT.

This week in Learning from CS Alumni we will hear from Ajuna Kyaruzi ‘17 (Google) and Toby Baratta ‘17 (Microsoft).

Ajuna will be talking about making lateral moves in tech with a brief introduction to Site Reliability Engineering.

Toby will be talking about Covid’s impact on tech.

Learning from CS Alumni talks are open to all interested parties on campus. Feel free to join in. Talks begin at 7pm.

Join the meeting at

UNL CSE prospective grad student information

2020-09-04 — mailing list

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)is looking to recruit high-quality, top-tier students with an aptitude for research. Our focus is to attract students from the Midwest to our graduate programs and would like to invite students to participate in a couple UNL virtual graduate information events. The College of Engineering’s event is on Friday, October 2, 2020 and the Department of Computer Science & Engineering’s event is on Saturday, October 17, 2020.

See Prof. Weinman’s email to csstudents for more details.

Our new site!

2020-09-03 — rebelsky

Some of you may have noted that our Web site has not been updated since last fall. There are way too many reasons for that. But we now have a new site where we can actually update pages. Visiting should redirect you to the new site, which is currently hosted at (Don’t ask.)

One of the new/restored features is a regular news feed. We hope to update the recent news at least twice per week, and likely more. Bookmark and visit the site to keep track of some of what’s happening in the department.

Other issues

If you follow links to any pages on the old site, you’ll likely end up on the old site. We’re still waiting on some other issues before we can get the DNS entry redirected, which will h andle the rest. (Don’t worry if that made no sense.)

This site is also a work in progress. Expect some pages not to work and to see some assorted disruption.

Don’t worry that the design is similar to the old site. We do plan a redesign. For now, we just wanted to make sure we could update and set up recent news.

If you have ideas and suggestions (mostly for content, but perhaps also for design), send them to our Web team, Sam Rebelsky and Charlie Curtsinger.

CS Table: Welcome, introductions, and topic ideas

2020-09-03 — curtsinger

Computer science table (CS Table) is a weekly meeting of Grinnell College community members (students, faculty, staff, etc.) interested in discussing topics related to computing and computer science. CS Table meets on Mondays from noon to 1pm (Grinnell time) on Teams. Topics will be posted on teams and sent to the CS students mailing list.

We will start off this year’s CS Table series on Monday, September 7th with our usual welcome and introductions. We’ll spend some of our time discussing possible topics for the semester, so come prepared with ideas of what you would like to cover in future CS Table events. We are especially likely to take your suggestions if you have a specific article, book chapter, or other content in mind that would help us prepare for our discussion. General suggestions are also welcome.

We will meet virtually on Teams, so just click “Join Meeting” on this event in the CS events channel once the meeting has started.

A note from the Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC)

2020-08-31 — sepc

Hello CSers

Welcome back to virtual Grinnell!! Even though this year will be virtual, we plan on centering your voices to make this virtual community a safe, inclusive, and helpful place. As a result, expect a weekly email with a list of events. Some of these events will be office hours, career tips, and other informational / community building events. Also, please feel free to reach out to your SEPC with your concerns and ideas!

Some upcoming events (08/31–09/04)

  • Virtual office hour this Friday 09/04 @4-5 CDT
    • Come hang out and ask questions
  • Women and Gender Minorites in Computing (WGMC) is back!!
    • First meeting is Monday, 2020-09-07. Details coming soon.

Look out for our weekly meetings with dates/links

Have a great first day!

See our news page for additional updates.